Tenant Onboarding

Four steps to Teams success

  1. Depending on which apps should be used, install the App with those routes
  2. Add tenant configuration to the keyvault
  3. Add a service bus topic to the azure service bus
  4. In the web app add tenant to the pre-tenant-configuration.ts
  5. Restart api and continuous deaemon services to refresh tenant cache
  6. Assign permissions in the enterprise application of the target tenant:
  7. Create content types in CT Hub
  8. Create DNS entries and add domain to Domains section in the Azure Portal of Main app
  9. Add redirect uris for new domain
  10. Create Security groups for areas (also include a security group for admins)
  11. Add this security group, the default site owner of master data sites, the sharepoint base url etc. in the global tenant configuration
  12. Configure the search (if used)
  13. Install the SPFx Plugin for Masterdata sites