Naming convention Repositories, Namespaces, Services…

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A solution in Visual Studio contains many projects.
Each solution has a name. This name is the root namespace of all projects.
For example:

DataHive.ProductStructure is the name of the solution of the ProductStructure WebApi.
Therefore DataHive.ProductStructure is also the root namespace of all projects contained in this solution.

The projects follow this namespace with a suffix:

Solution: DataHive.ProductStructure


  • DataHive.ProductStructure.WebApi
  • DataHive.ProductStructure.MongoDB
  • DataHive.ProductStructure.Core
  • DataHive.ProductStructure.Core.SDK

The name of the repository and therefore also of the development folder will be as follows:

{Type}-{Namespace or Name}

The type is defining the type of repository.
Some popular types are: Api, Daemon, App, WebApp, Spfx…

So in the example above, the name of the repository would be:


If there is no namespace, another name should be taken. For example a WebApp does not have a namespace, so you would name it like the ie Angular project: