How to create a new line

Four steps to Teams success

First way

  1. Navigate to the view “Grouped by [customers/suppliers/own companies]”
  2. Select “Grouped by sites” in the left navigation
  3. Expand the site where you want to create a new line
  4. Select the tab “Site content”
  5. On the bottom click on “Create new line”
  6. In the form enter a new line name
  7. Select all products (at least one) that should be part of the new line.
  8. If products within a line should have a custom order, you can also change the order with using the small arrows

Second way

You directly create a line if you are about to create a product.
So lines can be created in the product form.

So from a product form:

  1. Select the tab “Line”
  2. Enter a name of the new line. The current product will be added to this new line immediately.