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This article describes in short all entities that exist in GroupHive


An enterprise is an organization of any kind. There are three types of enterprises:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Own company

Customers are most important. They can be associated with products, lines etc. later. Maybe something similar will happen to suppliers one day. Customers are the companies that buy something from the organization.

Suppliers are the companies that supply the organization with goods, services or consulting etc…

Own company is the own organization. For this per tenant only one object should exist.


Sites are the concrete sites of customers, suppliers and the own company. They are usually located in a country. Also products can be associated directly to a site. Same is for lines.


Orders are wrappers for products. Another name could be „customer projects“, whereas a single product could also be a customer project. Sometimes both can be used interchangebly because one order is also one product (no line items). But in some ERP systems there are line items (products) and a wrapper for them (the order).


Lines are wrappers for products. Happens if some products in a site belong together in some way.


Products are concrete things the company sells. Products consist of components. A product could be a „machine“ for example.